Today the NSW Roads and Maritime Service (RMS), the NSW Police and the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) have set up a blitz at Homebush, targeting Tip Truck operators working on the WestConnex project.

The TWU is supportive of operations by the NSW Police and RMS which will remove unsafe vehicles, bad operators and bad drivers from our roads. This makes the overall industry safer.

Richard Olsen, Secretary of the Transport Workers’ Union of NSW said “The Transport Workers’ Union of NSW has conducted some of its own investigations into tranbsport operations around the WestConnex. Our preliminary findings show that instead of a well-regulated project providing work that’s well paid, there is a tangled web of companies that contract and sub contract to each other, so much so that the TWU is positive that WestConnex is not even aware at any given time of which trucks are working on the site.”

TWU officials have found evidence of late payments, underpayments, fatigue breaches, overloaded (overweight) trucks and drivers double shifting (where a driver works two driving shifts consecutively across two trucks).

“All of this culminates into a dangerous mix that will impact trucks, traffic and people. The driver behind the wheel is being squeezed while the person at the top of the supply chain, who’s duty it is to provide a safe workplace is failing in that duty,” Richard Olsen said.

WestConnex, delivered by the NSW Government is aimed at “easing congestion, creating jobs and connecting communities”, instead this NSW Government project is continuing to cause fear and confusion and deliver well short of expectations for transport workers.

Phil Ramondinos, President of the Tip Truck Owners Section of the Transport Workers’ Union said “Roads Minister Duncan Gay was previously unable to answer any questions on regulation and policing of truck movements in and around WestConnex. We are afraid for our future and the unknown of who or what problems we are sharing the road with.”


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