Following a stop work meeting this morning, garbage truck drivers employed by Remondis have voted to walk off the job for the rest of the day. No more kerbside bin collection will occur across the Central Coast today.

Depending on the next steps taken by Remondis or the Central Coast Council, further action by Transport Workers’ Union (TWU) members could occur.

Remondis are contracted by the Central Coast Council to collect the kerbside bins put out by residents and businesses on bin night. The contract is managed by Central Coast Council.

Richard Olsen, the Secretary of The Transport Workers’ Union of NSW said, “Members have walked off the job because of the actions of two organisations, Remondis who seem incapable of coming up with a fair pay agreement for local drivers and the Central Coast Council who are busy pretending they can do nothing to fix problems that drivers face because of the waste contract tendering system.”

“Remondis are still being unreasonable about fair pay with their workforce, expecting that driver’s families will be happy to cop a loss of $300 in pay per week for doing the same job they are doing now.

Remondis is not focussed on the drivers and fair pay, they are focussed on how they can reduce costs so that they can win the next waste tender that is issued. For two years drivers have been suffering frustration at the hands of local Remondis manager Ritchie Venn whose actions clearly show he places no value on the professionalism and skills of his company’s drivers” Richard Olsen said.

Drivers today made it very clear that walking off the job sends a message also directed at the Central Coast Council and Administrator Ian Reynolds.

Richard Olsen said, “Today’s message from drivers confirms how involved Central Coast Council are in this dispute. Drivers are frustrated that Ian Reynolds and Council CEO Rob Noble have done nothing at all to offer protection to current pay rates and conditions in the upcoming waste tender document”.

The TWU is aware that two major councils, Parramatta and Campbelltown have protection clauses in their waste tenders.

The TWU wants to make it clear that Remondis drivers are not seeking a pay rise. They have not had one for two years. Drivers want to be paid at the same rate they are paid now for doing the job they do, no matter the circumstances.

“Our door is open for Ian Reynolds to come talk to us, he has a simple job to protect those drivers who are central coast locals. Ian Reynolds as Council Administrator represents those drivers because they are Central Coast residents, just like the Central Coast locals who have had their garbage services affected today due to Council inaction” Richard Olsen said.

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