Whether it’s the Central Coast, the streets of Sydney’s CBD or pollies offices  in Penrith, our TWU Veterans have covered lots of ground in the past couple of months.

Vets at May Day 2014

TWU Vets President Peter Cooley told TWU News: “We’ve been going non-stop because there is just so much to fight against. Take the budget announced by the Federal Government in May. Whether it be a fuel levy that will drive up costs, axing Medicare as we know it, or  increasing the retirement age to 70 – the very core of the Abbott Budget is a desire to dismantle the basic conditions of our workers.”

“Unlike the fellas in this Government, we’ve all spent our lives working in the transport game. We know how difficult it can be to keep doing tough physical labour in your sixties. Now this Government wants to force us to work till 70 – that’s not realistic in transport. Plus they want to cut us off from going to the doctor when we get sick.”

Our Vets have been flying the TWU flag at the recent Bust the Budget rally, Sydney’s May Day celebration and our protests in Gosford and Penrith for better conditions for bus drivers.

Peter finished with a word of warning for Tony Abbott and his crew: “If the Government and others think the TWU Vets are going to take this lying down they’ve got another thing coming. We’re only getting started!

If you are retired or are coming close to retirement and want to stay active with the TWU then come join the Vets.

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