The TWU Veterans are an active group of TWU members who have retired from their jobs in the transport industry but haven’t retired from the fight.

For over a decade our TWU Vets have been fighting for the rights of transport workers and their families by adding power to union campaigns and fighting to maintain the Australian living standards that generations of unions members fought to achieve.

The start of the TWU Veterans

Back in 2005 at the TWU NSW Delegates’ Conference, three retired TWU delegates and members – Brian Thomas, Steve Whittick and Col Neal – spoke with union leadership about an idea that they had.

They wanted to continue to help the Union in retirement and felt sure there would be other retired members who would like to join in as well.

Shortly after this, the TWU Vets was formed when a meeting was held to elect a President, Vice President, Secretary and committee. Brian Thomas was voted in as the first TWU Vets President.

Right from the first meeting, the TWU Vets jumped right in and became involved in supporting union campaigns. They participated in a wide range of campaigns, from Ansett Entitlements for workers to Work Choices to Bus amenities to Waste Contracts to Safe Rates.

The TWU Vets have also been involved in State and Federal election campaigns and in fighting to maintain the Australian living standards that generations of unions members fought to achieve.

The TWU Veterans today

The TWU Vets meet on a bi-monthly basis where they plan their involvement in upcoming campaigns and hear campaign updates from union leadership.

This year they will be focusing on our Safe Rates, Better Buses and Don’t Trash Our Jobs campaigns. They will also be fighting back against the assault of Medicare by the Federal Government. They will be standing on picket lines, lending a hand at protests and marching in rallies in support of TWU members and their families.

If you’re a member of the TWU and you’re retiring from work but don’t want to retire from the fight, join the TWU Vets by calling the Members’ Service Centre on 1800 729 909.

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