Jeffrey and WayneOne of our union’s longest-serving members, Jeffrey O’Keefe, a TWU member for more than 70 years, died in July. Mr O’Keefe first joined the union on 1 September 1939 – the day after World War II started – making him the oldest member of the TWU’s Veterans Club. He worked for David Jones for 42 years.

In 2010, TWU News ran a story on Mr O’Keefe being awarded the Special Member Award by our State Secretary, Wayne Forno. Speaking to TWU News at the time, Mr O’Keefe said: “I joined the union when I was 14 because I knew that without the union, you were on your own.

“I used to earn six pence a day. I drove my DJ’s horse and cart around town and later, a coal-powered truck which I had to reverse all the way up steep streets otherwise it wouldn’t make it.”

TWU State Secretary Wayne Forno extended his condolences to Mr O’Keefe’s family at the passing of a valued member who left a lasting legacy.

“The TWU is enormously proud to be able to count as one of its own a devoted and committed member such as Mr O’Keefe who contributed so much to our industry,” Wayne said.

“He left behind a lasting legacy and on behalf of the Transport Workers Union, our officials and our rank and file members, I extend our deepest condolences to the O’Keefe family.”

Mr O’Keefe was farewelled at a funeral on Tuesday 30 July where the TWU was represented by fellow veteran Jeff Howell and Members Service Centre Manager Dave Lupton.

To find out more ring the TWU Members’ Service Centre on 1800 729 909.

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