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International Women’s Day is a chance to recognise women’s struggle for a fair workplace. International Women’s Day dates back to a strike by the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union in the US in 1908 over the sweatshops they worked in. Today it’s a chance to acknowledge what women have achieved and to issue a call to action over what else must be done. The Transport Workers’ Union is proud of its strong women members who fight everyday for their rights. These women represent workers and give them a voice to demand their rights.
International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union in the US in 1908
Carolyn Dwyer Security worker, Sydney Airport TWU NSW

There is power and strength in being united. Workers and women have fought for their rights. It’s been a hard fight and nothing was given easily.


We cannot allow those rights to be taken away so it’s important to be constantly ready for the fight. Otherwise we need to ask what kind of world we will leave our children.


Women are capable of doing any job and for that job they should be paid the same and treated the same. That’s why being in a union as a woman is important because unions demand equality in the workplace.

Carolyn Dwyer
Security worker, Sydney Airport

Things can be tough for workers today and in an industry like mine where there are few women, things can be even tougher.


But when you’re in a union you’re not on your own. You have other members who have your back who will help you fight to have a voice. I’m a delegate in my yard. The day the other TWU members chose me to be their delegate was a proud moment. They know I will fight for them.


We need more women delegates. We need more women who will stand up with a loud voice and show girls today that they can do anything and that they will have the support to do it.

Cheryl Gordon
Bus Driver, Blue Mountains

Cheryl Gordon Bus Driver, BLUE MOUNTAINS TWU NSW


If you would like more information about joining the team of active TWU women, speak to your TWU organiser or call 1800 729 909.

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