The Transport Workers’ Union  of NSW advises that there will be series of stop work meetings held by Members who are employed by Remondis Australia on the NSW Central Coast.

Remondis Australia run the contract on behalf of the Central Coast Council to collect the rubbish from households across the coast.

The first stop work meeting will be held by Central Coast Waste Collection Drivers at 11am on January 6 2017.

The timing of the stop work meeting is designed to provide minimal impact on the residents of the Central Coast, but some bins may take longer to be collected on that day.

This is the first of a series of stop work meetings planned.

Richard Olsen, Secretary of the Transport Workers’ Union of NSW said, “This is a matter that is in the hands of Remondis. They can accept the value of their experienced Drivers who are the means by which they fulfil the contract on the Central Coast. Remondis are attempting to cut Drivers wages by 25 percent”.

“Blame for this must also rest at the feet of the Central Coast Council Administrator Ian Reynolds and Council CEO Rob Noble. These two have washed their hands of the issues faced by Drivers working for Remondis. Council must commit to protecting these workers who work where they live. The Waste Contract is issued by Council and it appears that the Council Administrator is simply beyond caring about what happens to families on the Central Coast,” Richard Olsen said.

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