The Transport Workers Union has criticised a monopoly by stevedores after the truth has been exposed behind massive port access fees for trucks.

The TWU is urgently calling on the ACCC to investigate the matter.

News that Patrick’s rent charged by NSW Port has decreased reveals the deception behind the stevedore’s “infrastructure surcharge” for trucks.

“These exorbitant fees have imposed major burdens on transport companies and owner drivers, which are already operating on tight margins,” said TWU National Secretary Tony Sheldon

“These fees are putting truck drivers under even more pressure to work long hours, speed and skip mandatory rest breaks while vital maintenance on vehicles will get delayed. Ordinary road users will ultimately bear the brunt of this – with their lives,” he added.

“I am urgently calling on the ACCC to investigate these fees since it is clear that stevedores are using their monopoly to gouge from the transport industry instead of ensuring that wealthy ship owners at the top of the supply chain pay their fair share,” Sheldon said.

Richard Olsen, State Secretary, Transport Workers Union of NSW said: “This is a grab for profits of the backs of hard working drivers. On behalf of TWU members, I also call for the ACCC to investigate these Patrick surcharges”.

“Given recent media reports* suggesting the value to the profit bottom line for Patrick from these surcharges, I would suggest the ACCC move with some urgency. The benefit for the few that these surcharges make whilst drivers struggle to support their families makes this deception all the more outrageous,” Olsen said.


Transport Workers' Union NSW
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