BREAKING: The Transport Workers’ Union has received concerning reports from Redstar Transport members that indicate the company is about to go into administration. Reports include drivers being told to return their loads to the nearest depot and interstate drivers being repatriated to their homes. The TWU has also been informed that other transport operators have been instructed to cease contracting work to Redstar Transport.

No worker should be plunged into uncertainty, especially mere days before Christmas. We call on Redstar Transport to immediately update its workers and make a public statement about what is going on.

REDSTAR TRANSPORT WORKERS: We have received a commitment from Toll to provide job opportunities for Redstar Transport workers. Toll can be contacted regarding this matter on 1800 069 726.

Linfox and ACFS have also agreed to take on a number of workers. We will provide updates on this situation as more information comes to light. We encourage NSW Redstar Transport workers to contact us on 1800 729 909 for further information.


Transport Workers' Union NSW