NSW TWU Members were today protesting at Sydney Airport on behalf of all members in the aviation industry.

In the meantime aviation services company, Aerocare, has been at the Federal Court today. They are trying to make life harder for their contract labour force. The company is now trying to implement a split shift system that comes out of an agreement that was already tossed out by Fair Work.

Airport employees on split shifts are forced to stay at work for 15 hours and more while being paid for as little as six hours.

Deliberate understaffing, fatigue and a high turnover of staff at our airports means that safety and security are constantly being breached.

Today I talked about keeping companies like Qantas and Virgin airlines accountable for the conditions of workers in their supply chains in companies like Aerocare.

Aerocare is leading the race to the bottom but jobs throughout the industry are marked by forced part-time and low rates.

The TWU is standing up for safe and secure work which will lead to safe and secure skies.

Aerocare protest

Transport Workers' Union NSW
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