Just before Christmas, 40 bus drivers took the fight for Better Buses right to Transport for NSW’s doorstep – they plonked down right in front of the entrance to demand action from the Transport Minister and Transport for NSW.

Bus drivers are sick and tired of politely telling Transport for NSW about the problems caused by their competitive tendering process – ridiculous on-time running demands that pressure drivers, razor thin timetables, and attacks on drivers’ pay and conditions. Despite all this Transport Minister Andrew Constance has done absolutely nothing.

To help wake him up, drivers held a sit-in outside Transport for NSW’s swanky offices in Sydney’s CBD. With balloons, drums and loud hailers we made sure Minister Constance got the message that we want action!

Blue Mountains bus driver delegate Cheryl Gordon said that it was time for action.

Delegate Cheryl Gordon calling for action from the Transport Minister.

Delegate Cheryl Gordon calling for action from the Transport Minister.

“A baseball bat is being taken at bus drivers’ pay and conditions – we won’t lie down and take that,” Cheryl said.

“We will do whatever it takes to have realistic and reliable timetables, safe services and decent conditions for all bus drivers.”

Michael Aird said that hard-working bus drivers were getting abused and Minister Constance was doing nothing to help them.

“Bus drivers are getting abused, spat on and punched because of the current system that makes buses run late and pressures drivers to drive fast, skip breaks and leave passengers behind to meet crazy schedules,” Michael said.

“The NSW Government has the money and the power to fix this problem today, but the Minister refuses to lead the way to a resolution and is allowing companies like Transit Systems to run roughshod over drivers and the community.”

The campaign for a better bus industry, with safe timetables, fair pay, better conditions at work and dignity in retirement for our hard-working bus drivers continues. We are currently in court with Transit Systems and member-endorsed log of claims has been presented to the Government, Transport for NSW and other bus companies.

Meetings with all bus companies will take place over the next few weeks to progress our claims and we’ll do whatever it takes to win a fair go.

Join the campaign by speaking to your delegate or calling your Members’ Service Centre on 1800 729 909.

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