Transit Systems EA expired at the end of June, and while the rest of the industry has either passed on the government contract wage rise or have agreed to back-date, Transit Systems announced they won’t be passing on the wage rise at all.

Marching on Transit Systems

Marching on Transit Systems

Not only that, they said they wouldn’t be back-dating the wage rise, they delayed starting negotiations, refused to agree to anything in our Better Buses campaign, and want to increase unpaid breaks while messing with penalty rates and removing union protections.

This is a company that thinks they should be able to do whatever they want.

At this news, our bus members from across different companies held a rally in front of their Smithfield depot.

At the ballot, a historical 92 per cent of bus drivers voted NO.

We’ve sent a clear message – now Transit Systems know they can’t do whatever they want, and they know what to do with their senseless agreement.

Since the ‘No’ vote, Transit Systems repackaged their first agreement with minor changes but we weren’t fooled. The Union member-led negotiating team have been out in the yards and are working hard to protect and win. This strong and strategic team are currently preparing for Industrial Action so watch this space!

Transport Workers' Union NSW