The Flying Kangaroo is acting more like a kangaroo court, using false accusations to sack a TWU delegate and shut down serious concerns from employees who have shown decades of loyalty.

Qantas’ catering section Q Catering is being sold to global airline services company dnata. Q Catering has a loyal, long-term workforce. Many employees having worked there for up to 30 years – yet they are still only on casual contracts.

All these workers want to know is if their jobs and superannuation will be secure as part of this sale. Qantas has refused to answer their questions.

TWU member Joe Whitby had been with Q Catering for 29 years, but this week he was sacked because he went after answers. Managers have made false accusations against Joe, alleging an altercation which 50 people present have stated did not happen. The TWU understands that as head delegate on the ground, Joe has been a target of attacks, harassment and bullying from Qantas managers for many years.

The rot goes all the way to the top. Many other TWU members are now fighting to keep their jobs as well, after Qantas CEO Alan Joyce instructed management to simply sack everyone who took action on the issue.

TWU NSW demands Qantas:

  • ·Reinstate Joe Whitby in the job he has worked for 29 years
  • ·Drop its ridiculous action against other TWU members at Q Catering
  • ·Commit to ensuring the job security of its loyal Q Catering staff in the sale to dnata.

According to TWU NSW Assistant State Secretary Mick Pieri:

“Qantas has made its position clear – if you disagree with us, we’ll sack you.”

“Long-term casuals who have worked at Q Catering for over 20 years are now being thrown on the scrap heap. It’s shameful that Qantas has kept them on casual contracts for decades, and now as thanks for their loyalty they have to fight just to be told if they’ll even keep their jobs.”

“While Qantas refuses to guarantee the jobs of its most loyal workers, who stayed on and helped rebuild the company when it was at its lowest, Alan Joyce boosted his own salary to $25m a year.”

“Our position is simple – commit to making these workers permanent, and give Joe Whitby his job back. If this doesn’t happen, Qantas should prepare for a fight.”

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Transport Workers' Union NSW