The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) have put out the call to the Australian parliament to change the workplace relations rules to protect the pay packets of 700,000 low paid workers.

Following the Fair Work Commission decision to cut the penalty rates of 700,000 retail, hospitality and pharmacy workers the ACTU is calling on every member of parliament to decide where they stand; with working people or against them.

With working people at risk of losing up to $6,000 per year now is the time for all members of parliament to work on finding a solution that protects the take home pay of hard working people in our hospitality, pharmacy and retail industries.

ACTU President Ged Kearney has said: “Our representatives have been warned: Australian Unions will continue campaigning until working people are protected from any cuts that reduce their take home pay. In workplaces and communities across the country working people will campaign to protect their take home pay and our politicians will need to decide whether they stand with or against working people. Whether it is the Prime Minister or a back bench MP no one in parliament can hide from their responsibility to ensure that there is a solution that prevents these hard working people from seeing their pay go backwards.”

Richard Olsen, Secretary of the Transport Workers’ Union said, “Even if you don’t know anyone impacted by this decision, we all need to stand up and fight back before employer groups try to change the minimum rates of pay in other Awards, including in the transport industry. If this decision is allowed to stand it’s only a matter of time before they come for us.”

Call your local Federal MP and ask them where they stand!

Transport Workers' Union NSW