Standing up for 2017

Editorial by TWU NSW State Secretary Richard Olsen

It is great to end 2016 with a number of wins made possible by delegates and members in yards standing together, union proud. We have been able to stand up against bullying bosses and improve our pay and conditions and make our workplaces safe.

Together we can build on our successes and continue to work together for a better future in 2017. Safe Rates across all yards will be a continuing reality because we will never allow our workplace conditions to be eroded.

There is a direct link between great workplace conditions and the number of union members in a yard. The TWU needs more members on the ground, workers at the “coal face” who need to be involved; they need to have a say.

These are the members who will support us in the ongoing fight against unscrupulous bosses who do not have the interests of workers at heart when it comes to safety, work conditions and rates of pay.

We must continue the negotiations with Local Councils over the ongoing conditions for those waste industry workers who service their own communities on garbage night.

We must continue with the battle to ensure that all bus drivers remain on an industry wide EA and are protected where they work.

We will continue the fight for taxi drivers because we will never stand by and allow any government or industry erode worker’s rights or access to Chapter Six of the NSW Industrial Relations Act.

We are now preparing for the 2017 Majors Bargaining Round.Delegates will need to be prepared to listen to their yards, to stand against union busting behavior. Together we have to identify and encourage those activists in our workplaces to build our membership and our strength.

As we come into Christmas and the festive season, I want to wish all our members and their families the very best for the future. At this time of the year the community relies on us more than ever which can present real pressure at a time when everyone else is winding down to spend time with the family or hit the road for some R&R. Make sure you make this festive season a safe one! We look forward to 2017with you.

The TWU – it’s our union and our future.




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