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What sort of help can I get?
As a union member you are entitled to help ranging from phone based advice to face to face representation in any industrial matter or dispute you will have at work, we also help with your EBA negotiation ensuring you are not disadvantaged at any time during your working life.
Who will represent me if I have a workplace issue?
Well qualified industrial officers with relevant industry experience together with trained delegates and co-delegates in your workplace will be representing you with any issues you have.
Who is a delegate or a co-delegate and what do they do?
A delegate or co-delegate is one of your colleagues elected by you and trained by the TWU with all the relevant skills to be able to represent you when you have issues at work. They work closely with union officials to ensure you are well looked after and are not disadvantaged at work.
What is the journey to and from work insurance?
As a result of changes to the workers compensation, the current government has taken off the journey to and from work claim in 2012. This is why the TWU has a policy in place that covers all its financial member. All members are insured on their journey to and from work and will be entitled to about 80% of their wages in the event of an accident that will prevent them for working.
I’m an owner driver – do you cover me?
Yes, we do cover owner drivers and we also work with them to develop the contract agreement under which they will operate.
I work part-time/casual – do you cover me?
Both part-time and casual workers are eligible to join TWU. If you work less than 20 hours you will only pay the part-time rate.
Can my employer dismiss me for joining the union?
It is against the law to harass or fire someone for being a member of a union. Your boss can’t tell you to not join a union. The union can help you if you are ever discriminated against because of your union membership.
I hurt myself at work, can I get help?
If you’re injured at work, you may be eligible to receive compensation through the Workers Compensation scheme. Payments are connected to your ordinary rate of pay and usually continue until you’ve recovered. Your employer is also required to provide you with a return-to-work program and light duties if necessary. The TWU can help members through the process of lodging a Workers Compensation claim, or with any disputes between members and their employer.
My workplace is not safe, what can I do?
Everyone has the right to a safe workplace. If the risk is serious, immediate and you are in danger, stop work and notify your employer of the risk. Your employer is required to provide you with a safe place of work, and to consult with you about safety issues. If you’re a TWU member, you can get a union representative to come to your worksite to inspect safety risks, and negotiate on your behalf with your boss.

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