Your TWU membership is your ticket to secure jobs, good pay, safety on the job and respect from the bosses. But did you know that your membership also entitles you to a host of exclusive Member Rewards including Journey Insurance? Products, services and exclusive deals are frequently offered to TWU members by our partners and sponsors, meaning your TWU membership has even more rewards. Click on one of our sponsor links below to find out more about our services or call the Members services team on 1800 729 909.


All financial members of the TWU NSW can rest easy travelling to and from work knowing that they are covered in the event of an incident.

Our union provides this benefit to members because the NSW Liberal State Government shredded the workers comp scheme in 2012, leaving workers high and dry. This insurance also covers ACT members who are covered by Comcare.


After the Liberal State Government ripped away journey to work insurance, the TWU stepped in to make sure all financial members were covered – that’s peace of mind for me and my family.

Euan Scott-Bell

30 year TWU NSW member

The main benefits of our policy are as follows:

Waiting period:
28 days

Benefit period:
52 weeks

% of earnings:
75% – 13 weeks
50% – 39 weeks

Claims payment:
Monthly (2 weeks in arrears & 2 weeks in advance)

Scope of coverage:  
DIRECT TRAVEL for the purpose of attending the COVERED PERSON’s normal place of employment to the COVERED PERSON’s normal place of residence. This includes any minor deviations which in no way increases the risk of bodily injury that would have normally arisen had the insured person travelled directly provided no cover is granted by Workers’ Compensation or the Traffic accidents act or equivalent.

effective 1 July 2016


TWUSUPER is the Industry SuperFund for the transport and logistics industry, and has provided super with low fees, all profits to members and no commissions for over 30 years.

The Fund has over 120,000 members and manages more than $4 billion on their behalf.

TWUSUPER offers a simple investment menu and has a record of delivering competitive, long-term investment returns. Independent researcher Rainmaker has awarded the Fund a SelectingSuper AAA rating and SuperRatings recognises our super and retirement income products with Gold awards.

Please consider the Product Disclosure Statement before you make any decision at or by calling 1800 222 071. TWU Nominees Pty Ltd (ABN 67 002 835 412) is the trustee of TWUSUPER (ABN 77 343 563 307) and the issuer of interests in it.


Santone Lawyers is dedicated to delivering best quality legal services to every client, in a practical, professional and cost efficient manner. At Santone Lawyers each inquiry is handled directly by Principals Carmine and Tina Santone, who personally manage all matters from start to solution.  We are approachable and focused.

Our depth of experience and expertise ensures prompt advice and action tailored to our clients’ needs.

For further information, contact the TWU  members service centre on 1800 729 909.

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Arthur J Gallagher has worked with the TWU to identify the risks of the industry and develop a range of products to protect TWU members, whether they are self-employed owner drivers or employees.

Our transport workers’ solutions can include cover for commercial motor, transit insurance, transport liability, articulated vehicles and courier drivers.

We can also provide expertise for your other insurance needs, like income protection, life insurance and other solutions like financial planning.

As a leading Transport Insurance Broker, Midland understand the unique needs of the trucking industry. Midland’s relationship with Australia’s leading transport insurance providers ensures a comprehensive product range including cover for Commercial and Fleet Motor, articulated vehicles, Transport Liability, Transit Insurance and Income Protection through Midland AusInsure. Midland’s fully qualified staff are proud of their ability to consistently find the best value and most comprehensive insurance for their clients.

For further information please contact us on 1300 13 60 55 or


Beyond Bank is 100% owned by our customers, returning value to the communities in which we live and operate.

Our full range of facilities include:

• Home loans
• Car and personal loans
• Internet banking
• Savings accounts
• Community Banking
• Business Banking
• Financial planning
• Insurance

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Union Shopper uses the combined buying power of our huge membership numbers to negotiate fantastic savings for members on a wide range of products and services.

Our most popular categories include electrical, motor market, travel, accommodation, discounted gift cards, cameras, computers, insurance and wine, and the savings members can potentially make are genuine and significant.

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The NSW Government established WIRO in 2012 as part of the reform of the State’s workers compensation system.

WIRO is an independent statutory office with a variety of roles, which include dealing with issues regarding insurers as well as managing the provision of legal assistance for injured workers. We reduce red tape, time and costs for injured workers, employers and the Workers Compensation Scheme and aim to resolve disputes with claims quickly and easily.

Transport Workers' Union NSW