For two and a half years one of the largest bus companies in NSW, Transit Systems, has continued to pocket government supplied wage contributions for drivers. Yesterday Transit Systems drivers voted “NO” on a new enterprise agreement which would see drivers only receive a portion of the money owed to them.

Currently Transit Systems has pocketed over $1.136 million dollars taken from the taxpayer since July 2015.

The vote, a clear 71% majority voting no, means that the current agreement will remain in place until a new agreement can be reached. This still means that Transit Systems drivers are the lowest paid in the industry. Richard Olsen, Secretary of The Transport Workers’ Union of NSW said, “Both the Transport Minister Andrew Constance and Transit Systems management have repeatedly ignored and not heard our members. It is NSW government contracts that this company operates, and it is the NSW Government that needs to take responsibility.”

“If there is no intervention by the Minister in support of drivers, it is clear fair wages are not in the interests of the NSW government”, Richard Olsen said.

So what’s next? The TWU is committed to ensuring that the public is not inconvenienced unnecessarily by protected actions, which may include:

  • Drivers not wearing uniforms
    Drivers not turning on ticket machines (including Opal card readers)
    As a last resort, drivers stop work meetings (disruption to services)

The only excuse for poorly treated Transit Systems drivers is the poor governance of NSW bus industry contracts.

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