At the local government elections to be held on the 10th September this year the TWU is supporting a call by the United Services Union (USU) to ensure union members across NSW understand how their vote will determine the political make-up of local councils for the next four years. There are significant implications for local council workers in these Local Government elections as their jobs have been under constant threat over the past four years. Unless there are significant local changes in councils these workers will see their work life balance and job security under further attack. The USU has asked candidates to pledge their support to workers’ rights and job security.

USU General Secretary Graeme Kelly has written to all union members:

Dear Union Member,

Graeme KellyYou will be given an opportunity to elect your local council for the next four years when the Local Government elections take place on 10th September 2016. Due to amalgamations not all councils will hold elections this year – you can find out if your council is holding elections on 10 September here:

This election is vitally important as the local government sector is under extreme pressure from various interest groups with their own agendas pushing for massive changes across NSW ranging from:

  • Outsourcing and privatisation;
  • Reducing Employment Protections;
  • Reducing Council services to the community;
  • Dismantling the Local Government (State) Award;
  • Attacking current hours of work and penalty rates by the possible introduction of altered starting and finishing times as well as supporting seven days per week working rosters;
  • The establishment of jointly owned commercial entities, with those Council staff potentially transitioned into such entities being transferred away from the local government sector.

The United Services Union is concerned that the jobs and work-life balance of local government workers will be seriously challenged over the next four years. This election is your opportunity to ask your local candidates what their individual position is on the potential changes outlined.


Does your local candidate oppose:

  1. Outsourcing and privatisation of council jobs;
  2. Reducing Employment Protections;
  3. Dismantling conditions of employment and Award;
  4. Altering start and finish times or forcing workers to transfer onto seven day a week rosters that will lead to pressures on work-life balances and reduced penalty rates;
  5. Creating commercial entities to replace Council Services, that will see Council workers transferred over to commercial/private entities.

Your vote, and the votes of your family and friends all count more than ever in this election. That is why I am calling on ALL UNION members to seek out who their local Council candidates are and ask them these questions before voting – AFTER THE ELECTION, IT WILL BE TOO LATE.

On behalf of NSW Council workers, I urge you to vote for the Party and Candidates that have a proven record of representing WORKERS’ RIGHTS.

Yours faithfully,
Graeme Kelly

USU PLEDGE: Visit to see which candidates have signed our pledge to keep the local in local government.

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