We are TWU


The Transport Workers’ Union of New South Wales is THE union for transport workers in NSW and the ACT.

For more than 128 years we have been winning a better deal for our members in trucking, public transport and taxis, at our airports, on the waterfronts, in the waste and cash in transit industries, in distribution centres and associated workplaces.

Ten reasons to be TWU

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Our strength comes from our members and we use this power to win industry leading wages, working conditions and safety standards, and to protect our rights at work.

Join today and you will also be able to access a host of exclusive member rewards to help you and your family have a better life.

So if you are not a member already, join today and together let’s win a better deal!

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If you work in transport and you’re not TWU then you’re probably not getting a fair deal.

Steve “Skull” Newton


Transport Workers' Union NSW