Since 2017, Busways drivers have attempted to negotiate with their managers for a new enterprise agreement. Busways in turn have obstinately refused to come to the table with a fair deal.

The TWU advises that members are taking further stop work action across five depots Penrith, Blacktown, Windsor, Gosford and Wyong.

  • A four hour stop work meeting will be held this Friday 21 September 2018 between 10am and 2pm. Drivers are seeking to minimise the impact on the public.

Drivers are still maintaining:

  • Overtime bans
  • Bus refuelling bans
  • Fare free days, some opal machines are not being switched on.

This Thursday, the TWU is meeting with Busways at the Fair Work Commission.

Richard Olsen, State Secretary of the Transport workers’ union of NSW said, “Busways must come and negotiate now, we have given them many chances, any inconvenience caused to the members of the public is in the hands of the Busways management. Any disruption can be avoided if Busways agree to our members’ claim for industry standards when we meet with them at the Commission.”

“If Busways choose to not agree and not negotiate further then it is clear to our members that Busways are committed to their pathway of trying to initiate a brawl.”

Busways are now directly targeting drivers. In an action that the TWU says contravenes the Fair Work Act, Busways have docked drivers four hours pay for taking part in protected industrial action. The TWU are challenging Busways in the Commission for this action.

Richard Olsen said, “Busways continues to show little respect for bus drivers. Drivers took part in legally protected industrial action and are entitled to do so without being threatened or punished. Busways scare tactics will not work, and we won’t let them get away with it.”

“Bus drivers are a valuable community asset, taking kids to school, family members to work, shopping and more. All members need is for the company to be genuinely fair and listen to the drivers who are the people responsible for the very success of their business.”

The TWU can assure members of the public that despite Busways having previously instructed drivers to keep passengers parked on the side of the road during stop work meetings, drivers will not comply. Doing so will seriously endanger passenger safety and put drivers at major risk of harassment and assault.

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