Today’s announcement on reducing the cost of living for families by the NSW Labor leader Michael Daley is welcomed by the Transport Workers’ Union of NSW.

State Secretary, Richard Olsen said “The cost of living in NSW is on the rise and the TWU know the pain that it is causing our members and their families. Whilst wage increases remain at historic lows, corporations in the supply chain are increasing the squeeze preventing wage growth and impacting many employees and owner drivers and their small business bottom line.”

Heavy vehicle owner drivers and their families face the crippling impact of the cost of the increasing number of road tolls from the Berejiklian Government. The Berejiklian Government claims the tolls impost is to fund road maintenance. The Premier and her Government are double dipping given the cost of rego that heavy vehicle operators pay.

Mr Olsen said “the transport industry is tired of being the punching bag when it comes to road tolling. Many owner-drivers are unable to pass the cost of toll roads on and simply have to absorb it which comes straight off their bottom line. For employees this means that companies are unable to provide wage increases.”

NSW Labor’s commitment today to reduce public transport costs for families will assist transport workers. Increasing the demand for Public Transport will build a stronger network, increasing job opportunities and building a better future for our members,” Mr Olsen said.

Those who work beneath the wings at Sydney Airport are being unfairly slugged for using public transport, paying access fees to use airport rail stations. Workers are paying above the standard opal fares, simply for going to work.

Mr Olsen said “we also acknowledge NSW Labor’s commitment to abolishing the airport station access fee for airport and aviation workers for their daily commute. This will reduce the cost of living for families.”

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