Today I am announcing some changes at our National Office.

National Secretary, Tony Sheldon is stepping down to run for the Senate. Tony has been both the NSW and National Secretary in his 30 plus years working for the TWU.

Michael Kaine, who has served our union for two decades, takes over as National Secretary.

Tony will remain absolutely committed to the values and aims of the TWU, and will bring the advocacy and activism from his time in the union movement to the level of government.

Tony’s aim is to continue pushing in the Australian Senate for improvements to the road transport and aviation sectors. He has been an outspoken advocate for our union, leading the charge for Safe Rates and the fight-back for airport workers.

Tony will remain with the TWU over the coming months supporting the transition and continuing to ensure decent labour standards are in place on government projects. He will also be working on projects related to the on-demand economy – which is part of the future of work for our children and grandchildren.

Leadership Team

Michael Kaine during his time as National Assistant Secretary helped devise the strategy on Safe Rates and has been a leading figure in negotiations on some of the most far-reaching enterprise agreements in Australia. This includes agreements which ensure workers have real power to win benefits such as record-high superannuation and fair pay rates. He is well respected across the union movement and is co-chair of the ACTU’s Change the Rules committee.

Michael will continue to drive the strategy to win changes that will make a difference in transport workers’ lives.

The TWU National Office is working with all branches supporting the campaign that makes demands on those at the top of our industry including wealthy retailers, manufacturers, airports and airlines. Those organisations will held to account for the jobs that they ultimately control. With Tony as a powerful advocate working at the federal political level, we can also hold the Federal Government to account for its actions.

I am confident that with Michael Kaine leading the team at our National Office, we are in an excellent position to ramp up activism and build power in our workplaces. This means we can create with members more quality workplaces for all transport workers.

Your NSW and ACT Branch will provide regular updates on the work being carried out with our National Office about the plan for better jobs and fairer workplaces.

You’ll find many of these updates on the TWU app and facebook pages.

In unity
Richard Olsen
State Secretary,
Transport Workers’ Union of NSW

Transport Workers' Union NSW