“Garbos win job Security” is the headline that has run in the Central Coast local newspaper, the Express Advocate. A long fight involving protected action has now ended on the Central Coast.

How the Central Coast Express Advocate Broke the Story

How the Central Coast Express Advocate Broke the Story

Garbos who work for Remondis were seeking job security and assurances that they would not lose conditions when waste contracts were renewed by Council and put out to tender.

In good news, the TWU and the Central Coast Council have come to a mutual agreement following a meeting facilitated by the NSW Government.

A clause will be inserted into Council’s tender documents that provides protections for the members working for the current contractor.

Tenders must conform by offering ongoing employment to the employees of the current contractor, ensure all existing employee statutory leave entitlements are recognised by the tenderer, provide for an agreed minimum rate of pay for those employees, and an immediate cessation of industrial action.

The TWU will always stand with members and we will win

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