Central Coast Waste Strike to begin tomorrow as talks with Super Council Administrator fail to reach agreement on job security

Transport Workers Union NSW Acting Secretary Richard Olsen has said that a crippling waste strike will leave waste on the kerbsides across the Central Coast from tomorrow after negotiations with the super Council Administrator ended today without agreement on the key issue of job security for local waste operators.

Indefinite industrial action will affect all suburbs and communities across the Central Coast and is due to commence tomorrow.

“Regretfully, negotiations with new Administrator Ian Reynolds ended today without agreement being reached on the key issue of job security for local waste operators,” Mr Olsen said.

“Central Coast waste operators have been let down by local Mayors and Councils for too long and they’ve had enough.

“We know that Campbelltown City Council have inserted clauses into their waste service tenders that protect local jobs, existing workers and their conditions. It’s been done before and it can be done on the Central Coast.”

Local waste operator Ian Hankinson said that they don’t want to inconvenience their neighbours and the community but had been left with no choice.

“This is our community – we all live here and love the Coast. The last thing we want to do is inconvenience local families and local businesses but we’ve been backed into a corner by successive local Councils,” Mr Hankinson said.

“We’ve all got families to support and we won’t get paid when we go on strike, but this is about making sure locals like us still have jobs in a years’ time. We hope the community of the Coast understands where we are coming from.”

Mr Olsen said that while industrial action would commence tomorrow the ball was in the Administrator’s court to bring an end to the industrial action.

“Local waste operators love the Coast and they love their work, but they’ve been backed into a corner. They are fighting to protect their jobs and their ability to support their families and pay their mortgages,” Mr Olsen said.

“Waste operators are simply seeking guarantees for local jobs on the Central Coast and safeguards in the new tender. We want to make sure dodgy outside operators don’t come barging in, putting their unsafe trucks on our streets.”


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