The Transport Workers Union of NSW thanks Central Coast Council and Council Administrator Ian Reynolds for their media release on Friday 6 January 2016. Council have finally responded to the call by releasing the information workers at Remondis have been waiting for, the issue date of the new waste contract tender.

A question remains unanswered. Will Central Coast Council alleviate Remondis Drivers’ concerns about possible losses of wages and conditions around any changes to the waste contract administered by the Council.

The TWU of NSW calls on Central Coast Council to follow the lead of other Councils and include protections in the new tender documents for workers who just want what they already have to be maintained as contracts change. Workers are not asking for a pay rise or anything else.

Drivers are questioning Central Coast Council as to why they have been refusing to provide security for local workers and local jobs. The TWU reminds Council of the quote by Ian Hankinson, a TWU Member and Driver for Remondis, “Every time a new contractor takes over, we lose our conditions like long service leave.”

Council has advised the TWU that our focus is wrong. The TWU of NSW can assure Ian Reynolds and Central Coast Council that we have perfect clarity in our focus:

1)      Remondis: ensuring that any agreements they choose to offer workers do not contribute to a race to the bottom that benefits only Remondis and not local, professional workers who face the possibility of a 25 percent pay cut. Which family could deal with that?

2)      Central Coast Council and the Administrator Ian Reynolds: continuing to wash their hands of anything to do with protection of the pay and conditions of current workers who pay rates and work in their own communities.

Rob Noble, the CEO of the Council told the Coast in June of 2016, “I have chosen leaders who are customer-focused, collaborative, passionate and professional and can lead and support this Council and our community through this change creating an organisation that cares about people, places and quality of life on the Central Coast.”

Richard Olsen, Secretary of the TWU of NSW said “We hope that that care still continues for Remondis workers and their families. The TWU invites Council to advise us as to what protections for workers they are offering in their contract and soon”.

“Ian Reynolds as the NSW Government appointed administrator has the power to put local jobs, local work and the safety of the local community into the new tender for the waste contract. Council must commit to protecting these Remondis workers. The waste contract is issued by Council and it appears that the Council Administrator is simply beyond caring about what happens to families on the Central Coast,” Richard Olsen said.

The TWU of NSW also notes the response by the community on social media channels to a TWU Video about the issue and suggests that Council takes note of the response as well.

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