It's time our roads were safe for transport workers and the community


Safe Rates is our fight to make sure every transport worker, whether they are an owner driver or an employee, is paid fairly for all of the work they do – every hour, every kilometre and every cost – so that they can keep the rig serviced properly, put food on the family table and not feel pressured to speed or drive long hours. This way we can keep our roads safe and reduce fatalities on our roads. But right now Safe Rates is under attack like never before. Coles, the government and big business want it gone. This is all part of their plan to keep cutting costs, squeezing safety and make transport workers and the community pay the tragic price. But we’re not backing down in our fight for a fair for all drivers and an end to the carnage on the roads. We’ll keep campaigning in the yards, on the streets and in the halls of power for Safe Rates. You can learn more about the campaign by visiting our Safe Rates website

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