From humble beginnings on July 24th 1888 as the Sydney Trolley and Draymen’s Union, we have been campaigning for a better life for our members. But there’s always a shonky operator to fight, and there is always a dodgy boss trying to squeeze more out of employees for less and that’s why we’re here. Our campaigns aren’t just there to win the best outcomes in one workplace or another, but to raise the standard of living across the board — for workers, commuters, and ordinary people.

Safe Rates

Safe Rates is our fight to make sure every transport worker, whether they are an owner driver or an employee, is paid fairly for all of the work they do – every hour, every kilometre and every cost – so that they can keep the rig serviced properly, put food on the family table and not feel pressured to speed or drive long hours. This way we can keep our roads safe and reduce fatalities on our roads.

Better Buses

Our community and our drivers need a bus service that is safe, consistent and reliable. To secure better buses for all of us, we call on Transport NSW to set standards that support drivers to deliver that service.

Don't Trash Our Jobs!

Garbos help keep our communities healthy, clean and hygienic. Their work is unglamourous, difficult, dirty and dangerous every single day and usually occurs at unsociable hours. For this indispensable service to our community they deserve to be treated with respect and provided with fair pay and safe conditions.

Transport Workers' Union NSW