Members across the Busways network in Western Sydney and the Central Coast conducted a protected 4 hour stop work from 5am – 9am yesterday. Below are photos from Penrith and Glendenning depots. Great effort by all the members involved and Busways are still scrambling to cover all of the services they decided to drop.

It was also resolved to escalate actions by:
– re-introducing bans on uniform and ticket machines from this Friday 2 September until the Following Friday 9 September.
– 24 hours stoppage next Monday 5 September unless negotiations for our industry agreement commence.

There has been lots of radio coverage in Sydney and Central Coast and TV coverage on 9, 7, 11 in Sydney and NBN on the Central Coast.

Congratulations to everyone that has been standing up to Busways, as this appears to be the only way to get the company to take us seriously.

Busways action Busways action

Transport Workers' Union NSW