Busways drivers will take industrial action on September 28th after the company continues to refuse to guarantee a government wage increase.

Talks had begun with management at Busways on a new enterprise agreement but have stalled, forcing drivers to hold two stop-work meetings on September 28th.

The agreement would cover all drivers in a number of depots and would be aligned to an agreement that is used as an industry standard.

A main sticking point is the refusal by Busways to guarantee to pass on to drivers the taxpayer funded, government wage increases as a minimum.

Richard Olsen, Secretary, Transport Workers’ Union NSW said “It has come back to the position we faced from the very beginning of our dealings with Busways. Drivers are still having to protect their pay and conditions. Busways it seems is persisting in their hope that they can bully drivers onto an agreement that ensures maximum profits for Busways owners and minimum fairness for drivers”.

“The prevention of action is once again in the hands of Busways management,” Mr Olsen said.

On Wednesday 28 September 2016, Busways drivers will be engaging in legal industrial action.

Drivers will hold stop work meetings between
7:30am and 9:30 am
4:00pm and 6:00pm

Passengers who use Busways buses in the following areas will be affected by the stop work meetings:

1)      Western Sydney (Penrith, Blacktown, Windsor areas)
2)      Central Coast NSW

If you have an inquiry or would like an interview please call Colin Henderson on 0405 625 208 or 9912 0703

Transport Workers' Union NSW