At midday today –  TWU Members at five Busways depots will be stopping work for an hour.

Busways management appear to have advised drivers in a letter today to leave passengers on board the bus for an hour, by the side of the road (during the dispute). – see below.

Excerpt: …if you decide to participate in this strike we assume that at 12 noon:

  • You will park your bus safely and legally
  • Inform any passengers on the bus what you are doing and when you will recommence driving

Richard Olsen, State Secretary says: ”Rest assured drivers will not compromise passenger safety in this way”

At Midday, any driver participating in the stop work meeting has been advised by the TWU if passengers are still on board, they should be taken to their destination and when the bus is empty come and join the stop work meetings at the relevant depot.

Drivers take very seriously the responsibility for the safety of their passengers.

TWU members have been trying to negotiate a fair deal since 2017, but Busways management has repeatedly rejected the majority of our log of claims. Until Busways is prepared to discuss a fair and respectful deal, members have no other option than to proceed with lawful industrial action.

Transport Workers' Union NSW