Statement from:

Richard Olsen, State Secretary of the Transport Workers’ Union of NSW


The overnight bus fire on the Sydney Harbour Bridge is history repeating.

The safety of bus drivers and their passengers is a number one priority, but not it seems to authorities like Transport for NSW.

The job of making buses safer when it comes to the unpredictable nature of bus fires is only half done. Engine bay fire suppression systems have been installed in government contracted buses in the inner and outer metro of Sydney.

They have not been installed in many private fleets across the state or in government contract buses in rural and regional areas of NSW.

Overnight, the bus driver was alerted to the fire by a passing motorist which meant that all were able to safely evacuate the bus. If a fire suppression system had been installed, any rise in heat in the engine bay would have been dealt with swiftly ensuring the safety of a workplace for the driver and the passengers.

Here some Questions for Andrew Constance to answer:

1) Can the Minister provide a real timeframe for companies to ensure all buses are fitted with fire suppression systems, across the whole of NSW?

2) How is the Minister going to guarantee the safety of the public who travel on buses without fire suppression?

I am once again letting the Minister know, our door is always open for Mr Constance to come and talk to us implementing programmes that ensure a day at work is safer for Drivers and their passengers.

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