TWU delegates are the men and women elected by their workmates to act as leaders in the yard and across the industry. Delegates weave together the strength of each member in the yard together to make a whole — a union that cannot be torn apart — no matter what the bosses or clients attempt.

Our delegates are central to the success and strength of the TWU. They are workplace leaders who lead in recruiting, representing and mobilising in their yards and their industries, and they uphold TWU values in all of the work they do.

What does a delegate do for members?

Represents Members:

When you think you’re in trouble: If you have a meeting with management that you believe is an investigatory interview with the possible purpose of taking disciplinary action against you, you have the right to have your TWU Delegate at the meeting.

When you have a problem that needs solving: A term you may be familiar with is “filing a grievance.” A grievance is an allegation that management has violated the terms of the workplace agreement. Not every problem is a violation of the workplace agreement, and not every problem requires a grievance. Your TWU Delegate may have other ways, both formal and informal, for solving problems.

Mobilises Members:

Your Delegate will make sure to inform members about what’s going on – by holding yard meetings or toolboxes, handing out leaflets, putting information on the union bulletin board, and by simply talking to people.

Delegates can weave the power of union members in the yard to demand managers fix issues of concern in the yard and they campaign to bring positive change across the industry.

Your Delegate plays the role of feeding your ideas and issues back into the other parts of the TWU, such as members in other yards, the organisers and officials.

Recruits New Members:

The strength of our union in the yard and across the industry is simply the total energy and support of the members who can be mobilized. When more transport workers get involved, we can accomplish more – at our workplaces as well across our industries.


If you would like more information about becoming a TWU delegates or co-delegate, speak to your TWU organiser or call 1800 729 909.


  • Refusing attempts to divide us by organising everyone who works in your yard including permanents, casuals, outside hire, labour hire and owner drivers.
  • Building the size of the TWU by regularly recruiting new members and scheduling inductions.
  • Retaining existing members by having conversations with members who become unfinancial or decide to resign about the importance of being union.
  • Keeping an up-to-date yard list that includes the number of permanents, casuals, outside hire, labour hire and owner drivers working onsite.
  • Developing a delegate and HSR structure to enhance member strength in the yard.


  • Working with the support of MSC Officials to manage individual grievances in your yard.
  • Holding regular yard meetings.
  • Building communication structures to share information and mobilise for action.


  • Demonstrating a commitment to genuine member power by leading collective actions to extend and defend members’ working standards.
  • Attending industry and TWU meetings and actions and, undertake yard activities in support of industry campaigns.
  • Facilitating member engagement in union activities to develop new activists.
  • Attending training to develop new skills.

We all need to understand that you don’t get anywhere by acting individually and that we need to be united and organised.

Carolyn Dwyer


I tell them that we need to stick together and that we can make things better for everyone here. We can create change and be successful together.

Ross Nicholson


Transport Workers' Union NSW